Look at the hand of the clock
it’s moving and pointing at 12
it’s another tomorrow and there’s no going back
You let go of things you held
You turn your back to yesterday
you say that tomorrow is all you need
but wait until someone say
to you, that your present will lead

Watching the time goes by
and all the changes in reality
but a clock is only a lie
to finish your works immediately
you only live once
you have only short live
so they say, sing and dance
out of fear we dive
shout out our feeling
and grab opportunities
don’t just look at the ceiling
but rather sail to endless seas

We care about time
simply because we are mortal
we treat it like a dime
and create our own moral
before there’s no sand left
in this humongous hour glass
Rising up in this depth
filling this whole canvas

Imgs source: https://www.redbubble.com/people/mikesavad/works/8301664-steampunk-gears-horology


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